Incorporating machine-learning and cloud-computing, ColorSuite offers an innovative and convenient press characterization process using a small colour target that can be included on live production runs. ColorSuite is a web-based SaaS solution that uses device link profiles to make press output efficiently match a printer’s proof standard.

Reduce Manual Press Adjustments

ColorSuite improves colour reproduction and consistency on press through dynamic profiling instead of relying on numerous press adjustments to match colours.

Reduce Make Ready Time and Waste

By reducing adjustments on press, ColorSuite encourages press operators to run to consistent numbers. This helps reduce make-ready time and waste by getting up to colour quicker.

Profiling without the Dedicated Runs

ColorSuite makes use of a small target capable of fitting on any production run. This helps you get an accurate representation of live work, no matter the print conditions.

Bringing Machine Learning to Print

ColorSuite incorporates machine learning to reduce colour target footprint and improve colour prediction accuracy. Using a small target produces accurate predictive results, while making it convenient to use on frequent basis.

High Caliber Measurements

ColorSuite makes use of Techkon Scanners to ensure measurements are done quickly and with extreme accuracy. The SpectroDrive is capable of measurement patches as small as 3mm meaning ColorSuite targets can fit on any job.

Flexible Low Cost Solution

ColorSuite uses a flexible SaaS solution that is based on a printers environment. With this, ColorSuite becomes a integrates smoothly within any workflow and ensures printer can start witnessing results fast.