Generating appetite appeal with color

Restaurant Marketing

The restaurant marketing experts at MPP Marketing Group trust Graphika to ensure that all of their client’s printed materials are as visually appealing as possible. Knowing that you only have a few brief seconds to influence a customer’s purchasing decision, it is especially crucial in the restaurant marketing industry to capture a customer’s attention with imagery that generates instant appetite appeal. 

The human eye can instantly identify food that looks ‘off’ – a byproduct of evolution – which is why it is so especially critical that food items are displayed with vibrant, accurate color. No blue tomatoes here!

Graphika’s print production specialists work closely with the production team at MPP to color correct photography, provide accurate proofs and then work with the trade printer to produce the job to their demanding specifications.

ClientMPP Marketing Group
ServicesColor Management, Print Production
ProductionOffset/Web Press


MPP's restaurant clients demand a high level of color accuracy in their prints. Graphika's team works with MPP's design department to ensure that their color on-screen is what ends up on paper.


Graphika worked closely with numerous trade print vendors, coordinating the production of multimillion piece runs across multiple vendors.


On an ongoing basis, Graphika has ensured that MPP's clients receive the best quality print materials with the most accurate color. MPP has been able to secure new clients based on print production excellence alone.