25+ Years of Print Management Experience

The team at Graphika are experts at producing high quality print projects. From corporate communications to fine art, our team has the collective knowledge to execute and deliver the most demanding projects.

ColorXTC Technology

Graphika uses the ColorXTC workflow to ensure that the final print matches the contract proof on the first pull – regardless of press conditions. This means less make-ready time and quicker project turnaround, saving you money. 

Award-Winning Print Production

Our team has been awarded the Unisource Litho Award for Best Catalog and our Technology team was recently awarded the Most Progressive Print Technology at the Canadian Print Awards.

Full Service Solutions

Graphika has the in-house team to offer a full-service solution. We can provide graphic design resources, color management, kitting and fulfilment, logistics and even digital media solutions to meet your project’s needs.

Case Studies

Graphika works with each of our clients to solve their complex printing challenges.

ColorXTC Technology

Graphika is proud to be among the first to utilize ColorXTC technology in our color-critical print projects. Using the ColorXTC workflow has enabled us to significantly reduce the amount of time required to hit color targets, saving our clients time and money.

ColorXTC helps us to:

  • Match contract proofs to press in minutes, not hours
  • Profile presses quickly to without costly downtime
  • Significantly reduce make-ready time
  • Match colors to the original/proofs on the first pull


  • We have always held our printers to very high standards in recreating images with the utmost fidelity to the original paintings. Unfortunately, most of them have been unable to meet our expectations. When we opened the books for the first time this week, all of us were overwhelmed with the quality of the printing and reproduction of color. The staff here are ecstatic, and the reviews from collectors and our dealers are universal in their acclaim as to the quality of the books and the beauty of the reproductions of the artwork.

    James Lambert
    VP of Business Development & Creative, Art Brand Studios